Retro is the new Modern.

The RetroMod Record Player Cabinet was designed to completely integrate multiple forms of audio enjoyment, as well as allow for multiple outputs. There is a lot to explain, but lets start with the materials. The cabinet is made from solid Hard Maple with planed and contoured OSB for the cabinet doors, as well as the speaker stands. The record player in an Audio-Technica AT-LP60A that is running through a Sure Electronics 4x100W Class D amplifier. The unit has been wired to allow for 3 different input sources: Bluetooth, the record player, and an AUX input. There are also two outputs to allow music to be played in separate rooms, each with independent on/off and volume control. 
Skipping all the technical talk, this thing packs modern controls and capabilities into a sleek retro looking piece that any music fan would be proud to use.

The RetroMod Record Player Cabinet measures approximately 40¾" wide x 21½" deep and stands 29" tall, but can be made to any custom specifications
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